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If you are looking at this website then you are probably looking for an additional source of income...  either to replace your existing or to supplement it.

Well you have come to the right place...

2 years ago I too was looking for additional income.

In my case it was to provide some additional cashflow in retirement, but your reason might be different.

I looked at and tried a number of opportunities and for various reasons what I initially found didn't work for me... or my friends.

I didn't want to sell anything...
but I realised that for me to make additional money I needed to do something different and/or additional to what I had been doing.

With a background of nearly 20 years in Financial Planning and property investment advice I looked at everything with my analysis hat on.

What I was looking for was something with a savings component and a passive income component.

I was looking for a good return on both my time and money.

It also needed to appeal to a large percentage of the community so that others would want to join me.

Here is a bit of an introduction...

In order to achieve something different...
You need to do something

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